Seven Sins at the Seaside

Artwork details: gouache, 19.5 x 12.7 inches (50 x 32 cm), 2006.

Seven (Deadly) Sins at the Seaside - painting by Nancy Farmer.
Seven Sins at the Seaside

As usual Pride is in the middle, who absolutely loves herself and thinks of no-one else.... envy is hanging on her arm, and on her every word, never able to be like Pride is - secretly she probably hates herself for this more than she hates Pride. Pride is of course happy to have Envy and Gluttony around - they both make her look sooo good.

Avarice, at the far left, has a copy of the Financial Times, and a mobile phone in her hand - and might as well not have bothered to turn up for all the notice she is taking of her surroundings, and of Lust, who is trying rather too hard and is really a bit alarming. And on the right, Sloth just can't be bothered with it all, which is pissing off Anger no end. From left to right, then: Avarice, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, and Anger.

Close-up of the Seven Sins.
Seven Sins at the Seaside

Once again these are actually supposed to be the Seven Deadly Sins, but I've dropped the deadly bit for the sake of alliteration. This is the third 'Seven Sins' painting I've done to date, the first Seven Sins was in 2001, then there was Seven Deadly Sins go Clubbing which I did in about February 2006. I find something very appealing about this subject - partly it's the challenge of fitting them all in as a group, partly I suppose it's the appeal of having a ready-made set of characters I can fit into any scene, allowing me almost to paint a painting of a normal bunch of people - but to make them a lot more theatrical. I always think they suit being female better than male, and if I did a mixed sex group I would have to decide which sin suited which sex and I don't want to make that the point of the painting - so they have remained all-female. I usually prefer painting females, anyway, partly because the somewhat theatrical compositions of my paintings tend to make male figures look very camp, and partly because I can pose in the mirror if I want to make sure the anatomy is at least a bit believable - and I prefer to paint curves...

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