Mailing List

Newsletter and e-mailing list

I send out the occasional update / newsletters about exhibitions, new work etc. If you'd like to be added to the list please email me at – I won't pass on your address to anyone else.


I have begun keeping a blog, where I intend that the posts will often include artwork-in-progress, something I find it hard to find a place for on this site, which was designed to display finished artwork. As such I hope it will compliment this site. You can find my blog at and you can chose to follow that blog if you would like to be notified when I add a new post (a facility that this site also does not have).


I'm also now on Facebook, where I post more frequent, but shorter updates. You can visit my public profile here - you should be able to view the page without joining Facebook, but if you do have an account, you can add yourself as a 'fan' to receive updates there.

Past newsletters

For interest, here are a few past newsletters. The Blog and Facebook have generally taken over from these lengthy texts, but I have kept these here as an archive.

30th June ’10

16th September ’09

2nd May ’09

12th October ’08

9th May ’08

29th January ’08

27th October ’07

9th September ’07

15th March ’07

18th October ’06

3rd August ’06

6th April ’06

22nd December ’05

31st October ’05

31st August ’05

30th July ’05

1st April ’05

24th February ’05

21st August ’04

15th July ’04