Life Drawing

I've always enjoyed life drawing, and it's immensely valuable to the rest of my artwork, especially as I don't generally work from life in my compositions. Over the past few years I've amassed quite a lot of drawings and it seemed about time to put them on the site. I have no prints of these, but the originals are available for sale.

Originals available from me:

The thumbnails in this group are all of pictures currently available for sale directly from me.

Buying from this site:

I have a shopping cart which will allow you to purchase prints, cards, etc, and some small original pieces. Where no shopping cart button is shown (or if you'd just like more information) please contact me. You can use a variety of methods to pay for things through the website, including credit card, paypal, and by cheque. For more information please see my Purchase Information page.

Originals available from Galleries:

(sorry, none currently on display)

Some sold pieces:

Here is a selection of those pieces which have already been sold.

All images and prints are © Nancy Farmer. Please email me if you wish to reproduce any of these images, or see my permissions page in the 'info' section.