information regarding copyright and usage permissions.

Unless otherwise stated all the images on this website are the copyright of Nancy Farmer. This means the images cannot be reproduced without my permission - the images do not actually have to have the copyright words written on them for this to be the case - they are my creations and I ask you to respect that.

However, I do allow my images to be used for some purposes and this page is intended as a clarification of some things you can and cannot do. Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions not answered below, and if you do use my images I am always interested to see the results if you would like to email me any (small) images.

Use of images on the internet:

The use of most of my images on the internet is fine as long as:

Printed images etc.:

I do allow my images to be printed for various purposes, but not without specific written permission. If it is a commercial venture then there will generally be a charge, but please email me first to discuss this as this page would not be sufficient to cover all the questions I've been asked.

I make a living from selling original paintings and prints. Obviously I cannot actually prevent people from printing images from my website, however, this is not only an infringement of copyright, but you will also get a very poor image this way. I have prints for sale and even the smallest of them are a far higher resolution than anything you would get from printing from my website. I put a lot of detail into my work, so I hope if you like my pictures you might like also the buy a print and see the pictures at their best.

Tattoos, cross-stitch, and other odd uses:

I occasionally get asked about tattoos and other uses for my images. I am naturally delighted if someone likes my paintings enough to have a permanent copy of one of them on their body! I simply ask that you purchase a print in order that you have a high quality image to display and for the tattooist to work from, which would obviously be to your advantage, and that you do not allow the tattooist to keep any copy made which could then be used to sell the design to other people. I would also appreciate a photo of the finished tattoo.

I have been asked about using my images for cross stitch patterns and the like. If you want to convert the images to patterns and sell them this would be a commercial venture so I would require royalties to be paid. If it's only for your own use then that's fine, but again it would benefit you to actually have a bought a good print first.