The Guilty Party

Artwork details: gouache, 24k gold leaf, 23 x 10.8 inches (58 x 27 cm), 2010.

This painting was another one I photographed as I went along, if you'd like to see the pictures they're all here on my Facebook page.

So, this is 'The Guilty Party'. On the surface, a very civilized affair, but everyone is carrying or concealing a potential murder weapon. Quite a lot of painting to hang on a single pun, but then it's already something of a theme of mine: suspicious goings on in civilized settings.

The Guilty Party: painting by Nancy Farmer

The entire background is 24 carat gold leaf, by the way, all applied very painstakingly in little diamond shapes to give a subtle bit of pattern and texture (and because I thought it would be impossible to get it even if I tried to achieve a continuous surface of gold leaf). The surface beneath the gold leaf is a reddish colour, reminiscent of the traditional ground for gilding, and it shows up here and there around the edges of the diamonds and through thin cracks in the gold leaf.

I'm not promising, but it may be one day I will get round to a second composition: 'The Innocent Party'.

The Guilty Party (detail) The Guilty Party (detail) The Guilty Party (detail)

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