Stain Devils

Each of these is a little piece of original artwork enclosed in an acrylic coaster. They are signed and numbered and have the following explanation visible from the reverse of the coaster:

"Stain Devil Coasters contain several rings from the bottom of tea and coffee cups, and from wine glasses. They attract the Stain Devils, well known for causing many a spill upon priceless antiques and kitchen work surfaces alike. The Stain Devils themselves, attracted to this fine collection of ready-made stains, become trapped inside the coaster, thereby preventing further damage to your precious furniture. They will not, however, fail to prevent the spillage of entire bottles of wine across newly laid carpets. This is usually caused by drunkenness. This coaster is wipe-clean, however, do not immerse in water. Certain demons are water-soluble and will probably get out."

Originals available from me:

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Originals available from Galleries:

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Some sold pieces:

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