Demons in a Coaster

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This is a little series of drawings which exist as a direct result of the Gold Fairies series. Each is a little piece of original artwork enclosed in an acrylic coaster. They are signed and numbered and have the following explanation visible from the reverse of the coaster:

"This coaster contains the remains of 2 sheets of real gold or platinum leaf; the leftover pieces from my Gold Fairy series. It also contains a number of demons. Through a process of equal and opposite reactions, thereby keeping the universe in equilibrium, demons are necessarily created as a by-product of fairy creation. However, in an attempt not to add to the chaos of out times, the demons thus created have been trapped and encased in timeless acrylic, where they can be viewed without danger. As a bonus, they will also protect your furniture from hot mugs of coffee. This coaster is wipe-clean, however, do not immerse in water. Certain demons are water-soluble and will probably get out."

Incidentally these drawings are actually some of the trickiest to do - the drawings are done straight onto the waxed paper backing that the gold leaf is attached to - a surface that (so far as I have found) nothing will write on, apart from Indian Ink and a dip pen, and that only because the dip pen also slightly scratches the wax surface as it goes along. The trickiness of the surface adds to the randomness of the drawing style...

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